The establishment philosophy of the Modern Wireless Communications postgraduate program is based on its intense, compressed and coherent program study that is completed in one (1) academic year. After the completion, a master holder gain expertise on 4G/5G telecommunication networks and systems, and will have the opportunity for seeking jobs in a wide spectrum of the private and Greek public sector, or as an entryway for pursuing a PhD.

With respect to the aforementioned it should be noticed that according to the Greek legislation, there is not any essential difference between different study duration postgraduate programs (i.e. one and a half or two years), while the same also holds as for credits earned in announcements by the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP) (an independent Greek authority responsible for verifying the faithful implementation of the provisions on civil service staff hiring). Hence, all postgraduate programs organized by Greek public Universities award certified master level degrees, independently of the program duration, and therefore, their graduates appreciate equal professional capabilities and privileges.