Necessity of Establishment

The continuous evolution of the science of telecommunication networks results in the technological growth, that is realized by the development of new standards.The necessity of establishment of the offered postgraduate program is related to the education and training of university and engineering graduates to new generation wireless networks. Given that intense efforts are being made globally to issue a final 5G standard, while at the same time the first 5G network trials are demonstrated, the Modern Wireless Communications master program will prepare high-level scientists trained in the forthcoming 5G technology.

Relevancy of the Master Subject to the Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program of the department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese includes two specialization directions: 1) Informatics and 2) Telecommunications. The offered master program is closely related to the second specialization direction of the undergraduate program study, during which a graduate will have gained a general perspective on telecommunications and networks.

Why the Current Master?

  • Focused program studies on wireless telecomms and networks.
  • Intense training within two (2) semesters.
  • Qualified academic staff.
  • Complete laboratory equipment.
  • PhD pursuing opportunities after graduation.
  • Free of charge.

Master Program Targeting

Τhe Modern Wireless Communications master program focuses on the education and training of university and engineering graduates to new generation wireless communications and networks. Its graduates will be ready to cope with the forthcoming 5g mobile networks challenges.

It is the first postgraduate program in Greece that focuses explicitly on the state-of-the-art of contemporary and future wireless communication networks. It has an intense program study that first introduces students to conventional wireless networks, having as a final target a deep training to the current wireless networks including the 5g standard and beyond. Further to its novel master curriculum, qualified academic staff (as this is imprinted by their research projects participation, publication record and citations) is teaching all by the department of Informatics and Telecommunications, while practical experience will be gained by means of a solid laboratory infrastructure.

The duration of attendance for the master degree award is two (2) semesters, during which the thesis must be submitted and examined.

Attendance and Candidates

Graduates who will be accepted as postgraduate students should have a high-level background on relevant scientific fields of national or abroad Universities, while more than desired is the candidates intention for pursuing a PhD degree after graduation. By aiming on quality, the maximum number of selected students is fifteen (15) per academic year.

The attendance is free of charge.

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